Three Poems for Naomi

Nostalgia in a Japanese Garden
Winner of the LOELLA CADY LAMPHIER prize for poetry, 2003

In the garden
by the pagoda
a breeze rustles bamboo stalks,
stirs wind chimes.
White blossoms fall
into a dark pond.

When you were here, you
walked slowly on
the stone path,
pointed to glistening goldfish.

The moss has grown
greener since then.

From the Breath of the Creator

You came from darkness
expecting the warm
touch of sunlight.

Gathered in your heart
were all the flowers of creation.

With every breath
the angels came
and tended the garden
until its beauty was so great
the world fell away in shame.

Suddenly a fire of longing
came upon you—its
consuming flame leaping forth . . .
and you vanished,
leaving only ashes
mingled with

Claimed by the Sun

The sun found you one day
and decided to make you its own—
a being without shadow.

At first it caressed you
like waves stroke the shore.
Then it wrapped you in a golden haze and
shot a fiery arrow of longing
into your heart.

Flames sprang up around you.
Bewildered by the searing heat,
you sought to escape,
but the fire licked at your body until
you were ablaze,
every movement
sending the flames higher.

Then you danced
in the glory of the sun,
white hot in its heat until
in one breathless moment
you became
a ray of light.

© Steven Boone All rights reserved